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About Us

    Saysock Enterprises Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and trader of fine Men's and Ladies' socks as well

 as for the children and infants with its offices in Korea, China, and in New York.

   All of our employees are extremely well seasoned and trained with no less than 7 years to 15 years of

  experiences in hosiery industry and all are able to communicate in English without any difficulties at all.


   We are maintaining our main office in Seoul and a field office in Daegu Korea to control our Korean

  productions and currently we are working with some 25 vendors and the sub-contractors are on our

  vendor list, who are our back-bone for us to serve our clienteles, so consider them not only as a vendor,

  but as our family.

   The most of our vendors and or the contractors are either approved or certified by a list of major stores in 

  U.S.A., and in Canada.

   Our office in China is located in
Zhuji city, the largest hosiery manufacturing town in China, approximately

  an hour drive from Hangzhou city, where we also maintains a field office with 4 fulltime inspectors to

  check the quality at the factories.

   We also maintain a office in New York to serve our clienteles with closed-in supports at all time.

   We are not and will not seeking to become the largest or the biggest manufacturer but we certainly hope

  that we could become a source to you, who you can trust and rely on when it is necessary for you to do

  so at any given time.

Proven track records

   We have a lot of experiences to supplied our products to a few major importers/distributors in U.S., and in

  Canada for many years and we believe that we are one of the major suppliers to current U.S. market.

   We never disclosed any of our clientele's valuable assets such as, sketches, samples or the designs, to

  anyone other then its owner, unless otherwise we have been authorized to do so from its owner.

   We never contacted or sold to any retailers until today and we never will, because we are believe in team-

  works and we knew very well that we belong to the production control and that is our job.

Our mission

   We consider ourselves as a extremely reliable manufacturer, who knows what is the market want from us

  and who understand what is the most priority demand from our clienteles and proceed with it.

   Therefore our mission is to deliver the hosiery products with quality assured, with exceptional values yet

  very reasonably priced and the most importantly, the speed to all of our clienteles at all time.

   Please remember, we are always more than willing to work with you for all the matters regarding our

  business with your company.

   Thank you for visiting us and look forward to working with you soon, please go-ahead and click

  any e-mail address on this site so we can start talk.


Copyright  2003 by SAYSOCK. All rights reserved.